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De Shiba

It's 2016 when Irma Jansen-Melskens and Marjolein Peeters join hands in creating their Dutch book "The Shiba". Motivated by their love for and knowledge of the breed, they produce a beautiful book which sees the light at the end of 2017. The positive responses from the Dutch and Belgian Shiba community further motivated them to adapt the book for Shiba lovers all over the world, which resulted in an English adaptation of the book which was published in 2020.

Next to the obvious topics such as history, personality, nurture and care, they've also managed to write interesting chapters about the inheritance of coat colour, health, sports and body language. The book also contains a lot of information on raising a Shiba and finding the perfect companion. The book is written in an entertaining, yet highly explanatory way, which makes it very easy to read.

Breeders can purchase the book at a special rate for future puppy owners of their kennel. For more information, Email us at

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The Shiba in this book



“A truthful book, supported partly by scientific research, written in clear wording with the occasional humoristic tone and illustrated with beautiful pictures. Highly recommended!”
Mino Shiba - Jan Coppens
Bea Brisson
Shiba breeder and judge
"A Japanese proverb: "to live without applying yourself is like returning from a diamond mine without a diamond," This is certainly not true for the writers of "De Shiba", this book is a diamond to the Shiba community."
San In Shiba - Jan Coppens
Annette Wijnsouw
Judge and chairwoman Nippon Inu Breeders Association
"De Shiba" is a great basis for anyone who wants to welcome a Shiba into their home, but also for seasoned kynologists wanting to learn more about this breed."
Kawakami Ken - Jan Coppens
Manon van Penderen
Redactrice Dogzine Magazine

Customer reviews

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Prachtig boek in zeer handig formaat

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

1 month ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

Prachtig boek met nuttige informatie en mooie foto’s. Een aanrader voor elke fan van dit mooie ras.

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2 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

Interessant boek in A5 formaat om alles te weten te komen over de Shiba

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

5 months ago