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The Shiba

The Shiba is an ancient by origin Japanese breed. It is so ancient, that nobody was able to retrieve a complete manual on the breed until now. Irma Jansen-Melskens and Marjolein Peeters have therefore written this manual. It is a marvelous book in which the love for the breed leaps off the pages.

In this extensive hardcover, you can read about all aspects of the Shiba. From appearance to history and from puppy to world champion. Furthermore, you will find a lot of new information on genetics and health, which was never described before in any book. The texts are illustrated with exclusive drawings and vivid colour pictures. This manual is for everybody. Whether you are about to welcome your first Shiba ever, have been breeding successfully for years or bringing champions to show: This book is a must-have for every enthusiast!

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Table of content



Exterior and Charisma



User manual


About puppies

Breeders and breeding

Going to a show


About the authors


The Shiba in this book



A really interesting and easy to understand book with great pictures and illustrations. A successful work put together by ambitious and committed breed lovers.
Kawakami Ken - Jan Coppens
Dieter Schneider
Shiba breeder and judge
"A long awaited and much needed comprehensive reference tool for Shiba enthusiasts. An informative, invaluable educational book written by two breed experts who’s passion and knowledge of this enchanting breed comes across beautifully. Written in an easy to read style. It’s a must read book!"
Mino Shiba - Jan Coppens
Janice Bannister
Shiba breeder and judge
“A truthful book, supported partly by scientific research, written in clear wording with the occasional humoristic tone and illustrated with beautiful pictures. Highly recommended!”
San In Shiba - Jan Coppens
Bea Brisson
Shiba breeder and judge

Customer reviews

2 months ago
Line Gottfred Petersen
(verified owner)

A great book about the Shiba. Well written with fine photoes/illustrations and easy read chapters. I will highly recommend this book.

3 months ago
M van der Geest
(verified owner)
3 months ago
Nikita Ben Ami
(verified owner)

Love it. I have a junior Shiba and I think that book helps me to communicate with her on higher levels. Thank you guys for all this work to make the book not just educational but also beautiful.